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 Tynan excavation

Post excavation plan of a rath excavated at Achesons Quarry, Tynan, Co Armagh. The ditch of the rath encloses an area of 54m≤ and was cut directly through the underlying bedrock. Artefacts recovered from the ditch included butchered animal bone, pottery and an Ďear scoopí and suggest that the site dates to the 7th-9th centuries AD.

About Us

Gahan and Long Ltd is Northern Irelandís premier construction orientated archaeological consultancy. Established in 2002 by Audrey Gahan and Chris Long it brings together over 30 years of professional archaeological experience.

Since its inception the company has provided archaeological mitigation to the construction industry. It is the aim of the company to involve developers in the archaeological process from the design stage of a project. In our experience this early consideration of potential archaeological discoveries allows project designers to establish a more accurate programme of works and to facilitate any required archaeological mitigation. Through this pro-active approach we find the potential for unplanned and costly delays is minimised and that construction deadlines can therefore be achieved.

Gahan and Long Ltd is Irelandís only Safety Accredited (Safe-T-Cert) archaeological contractor and is also a Constructionline registered company. The company is currently in the process of developing a quality assurance system in advance of attaining ISO 9002 accreditation.

Through our construction based approach, we have established a sound client base and have undertaken a wide variety of projects within both the public and private sectors. Our staff are fully aware of the mechanisms required to produce a high standard of work and provide pro-active co-ordination between the client and other relevant contractors involved in the development. We are also extremely proud of our excellent working relationship and track record with the relevant parties within local government.

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