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Post excavation plan of gun platforms at Greencastle, Co Donegal. The gun platforms were revealed during ground reduction within the interior of Greencastle and are likely to represent part of the Foyle estuary defences that existed during the Napoleonic Wars.


Gahan and Long Ltd have been conducting archaeological mitigation along the North Down Strategic Trunk Mains on behalf of NI Water (formerly Water Service). Phase 1 of the works commenced in April 2006 and consisted of the section from Carryduff to Newtownards. Eight archaeological sites were identified and excavated during this phase. All of these consisted of burnt mounds or fulachta fiadh and represent Bronze Age (c.2000-500BC) cooking places.

Phase 2 of the works commenced in early 2007 and consisted of the section from Newtownards-Conlig. A single archaeological site was uncovered and consisted of a large burnt mound.

Phase 3 of the works are currently under way and consist of the section from Ballysallagh- Holywood. A single archaeological site has been identified along this section. This consists of part of a large enclosing ditch from which finds dating to the Neolithic period (c4000-2000BC) have been recovered. These include flint tools, pottery and a fragment of a porcellanite axe head.

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